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Default Name Change
Hi guys, I would like to get my member name changed? Is that Possible? Why I ask is, because the name Babe77, reminds me of a time when i lived with my abusive ex, that abused me both mentally and physically. There for I would like to have my member name changed. Tried to sign up but failed, even though i did give correct info. Is there something wrong with the resgistration?! I really want a new member name, or bee able to register a totally new membership...What am I doing wrong? Feels like everything is against me today...
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Hi @Babe77

There is a special forum for this:

The rules are that you have to tell the moderators a funny story to make them laugh. So post a joke or something!

Don't expect the change to be quick- I think that the name changes are done in bulk, and done when the moderators (who are all volunteers with busy lives, jobs, family etc.,) find time. So be patient.

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