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My convalescence has kept me from playing my game. Seriously, my tossing and turning loosened the bandaged down battery and my father had to run out to buy bandages for large areas (the battery was a LOT bigger than I anticipated. If it hung any lower, it would cover my butt.)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to merge Lee Unkrich and Erik Estrada's households for that originally planned aquaculture facility across from the old Alto mansion, where the Landgraabs used to live until I did a purge worthy of Galeem.

Edit: Eventually I got Lee and Erik moved in and they still hate each other...I eventually moved them into the Landgraab mansion, but only in spring, will I start the aquaculture facility. Ice fishing isn't in the programming.

Edit 5/14/2019: Due to my new computer. I will be restarting my stories.

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You are Cordially Invited to Attend the Wedding of -

Alison May Fordyce & Christopher Allen Marcus



Ceremony Commencing 11.00 a.m.

Dress: Formal

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Sad times had passed in my sim's life.

Tired of the boring town he lived, Aren decided to pack his bags and travel to France. Everything had been good. He kept busy touring, tasting sweet nectars and trying his hand and making some. He even did some errands where he met someone who he felt connected with. An explorer from Egypt, Sharif was his name.

They hit it off quickly and Aren got pregnant just a day before he had to return home.

Back home, the pregnancy seemed to go well. Nauseas, back aches and even cravings came and go.

But sadly, there were complications. The baby wasn't going to come.

Five days had passed by and no signs of contractions.

I had to end the pregnancy...

After some days of mourning he decided to try again and gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.

After looking at my sim's inventory I noticed a photograph.

I had taken a selfie with the late baby's father as a way to remember him and so the baby could at least see how their father looked like.

I still have the picture and placed it next to the bed.
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I'm trying to figure out ccmagic, then I went on a downloading spree due to anxiety and I think I borked my game again. So now I strive to keep the game working while also having as much of the cool unnecessary things I found as possible.
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