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Nysha's New Creators for November - posted on 1st Dec 2017 at 10:00 AM
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Test Subject
#76 Old 31st Oct 2017 at 11:58 PM
Here I am with a late reply of my own. I'm sorry that it took me so long to respond. I wanted to respond sooner, but school is crazy for me as well. I also wanted to post pictures of the changes I made, but if I wait 'till I'm done with that, it may take me another week or two to respond and I feel it is imperative for me to respond now.

Originally Posted by Nilxis
About the clothes, great job overall! I can see though what @GrijzePilion means with futuristic, but only in some items: The 7th and 8th sims of your CAS screens, those straight lines on the T-shirts, and perhaps the fact that some clothes's main color is white/beige.

Thank you!!! I have made changes. I didn't remove the lines but I yellowed the shirts and made them a bit darker. I hope this helps some. I've also added some more vibrancy to the outfits. Unfortunately I am not finished, but I'll post pictures as soon as I get there.

Originally Posted by Nilxis
I love the hairstyles and colours too! The blue and green hair colours are EXACTLY the tones we should use, they are not "earthly" but look very natural. Love it!

Aww thank you!! I know my initial green hair was very loud lol. Glad I got it right this time!

Originally Posted by Nilxis
About the skin, I get that it looks dark. But that's kinda the point, right? I know brown would help, but we'd lose the fantasy of it. Ok, we don't need to go too dark to the point where facial features are not distinguishable, I think the skintone range in your In Game picture is good though....

I want to clarify. I like the gray skin. I like the dark skin. I think it is unique and I support it wholeheartedly! They aren't supposed to look like your typical human and that's what I like about them! I love that they look a little alien. 90% of my sim bin is filled with aliens, so to get the opportunity to work on a race with some alien features is so exciting for me! When I say I'm always anxious to get in my game so that I can play around with Urasnesians, I mean that. That's why even with all my responsibilities with this skin I still find myself shirking them every once in a while to play with Uranesians in CAS. My frustration has nothing to do with the defining features of their race. It has nothing to do with you or Ephemera. My frustration is with EA. Perhaps I was sloppy with my explanation. When I said they would look better with brown skin, I meant that for whatever reason brown skin tones look better in game than true black (gray scale) skin. But again, I am going to try my damnedest to fix this, because I really love the gray skin and I want it to look the best it can!

The "lighter" thing. When I read what I wrote again, the quotes make me seem like I'm a douchebag. I won't say I'm not a douchebag, as that's a matter of opinion lol, however, that is not how I meant to come across. I always put lighter in quotes as far back as our initial discussion. I put it in quotes because they are lighter but they're not light. I was trying to create a small range in complexions, but they're not light-skinned and I was trying to stress that. And as everyone here knows because I never shut up about it, I chose to make some of them them a little lighter because I can't make them as dark as I always like because of the whole EA issue, as you all can see, case in point with my Merman -_______-.

Anyway, I am so sorry I came across as bashing them. I wasn't.

Originally Posted by Nilxis
Maybe when I see what you say about makeup I'll understand what you mean; but, if you feel you want to use makeup and the skin is too dark for it to look good, go lighter, no problem

All of the sims have makeup on, but I decided to go the more natural route with makeup because without makeup their faces look kinda' flat. So for example, in the eyeshadow spot instead of picking a more decorative eyeshadow. I go for racoon looking (big ole circle around the eyes) eyeshadow so I can create some depth to their eyes. If I make that a bolder color it would crazy with that makeup option. Whereas, if I chose another eyeshadow I could make it a bolder color, but I'd be sacrificing depth. In fact, bolder colors look great on darker skin! But I can't use the makeup I always want to use because the further right you go on the tone ramp, the more dimension is erased. To compensate, I choose fix this with makeup. That's what I was trying to get across to Grijze. No worries though, I am determined to fix this so no one will have to do this for Uranesian skin! If I have to slave over this skin for a full year so be it!

As always, thank you for your encouragement and support! I really try to to do the best that I can, and hearing I've done something right makes all the time, effort, and fumbling through skin making worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Test Subject
#77 Old 12th Nov 2017 at 12:21 PM Last edited by cyberzombieprincess : 17th Nov 2017 at 7:02 PM. Reason: Forgot to add a few details about CC
Default I'm back - with a sim (which I made ages ago but never posted)!
Hi you all awesome creators! I know I've been -dead silent- but I am still alive and kicking!

Now, I never contributed to the sim creating, I only drew what, three pictures and a horseish creature. But now I am here, and I have a sim made


She looks rather "human" though, apart from the gray skin and blue freckles. I'll post pictures down below.

Also, all of you who create sims and animals, you're doing an awesome job and I love seeing how it has progressed!

I have two screenshots of my sim - both in CAS, unedited and with a few details photoshopped onto a screenshot from Uranesia, which I found on Nilxis Tumblr. The photoshopped details include turquoise dots on collarbones, neck and eyebrow as well as the small detail under her lower lip.

The hair, necklace and freckles are all CC which have been lying around on my laptop for years, the freckles too which I take absolutely no credit for, obviously. <3

My sim, slightly photoshopped

My sim, in CAS

Now, I know she doesn't look a lot like the rest of the uranesians, because I don't have a lot of sliders for my game and hence I can't get all of the facial features right but I did what I could!
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