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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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Default Singing Stones of Felicity Island


I was wondering about your thoughts on the Stone Oddities of the Scavenger Fields on Felicity Island.

While completing the story, yes, I thought they were nothing more than a memory game. But later on, I figured that there's a much greater mystery behind them. As I was recreating Felicity for TS2, I put them on a seemingly empty meadow called the Aurora Glade - the aurora in the name stood for the aurora borealis, because I liked imagining that when the stones light up as you "play" them, they light up the sky as well.

Moreover, what about the sounds they make? They are called the singing stones after all. My speculation is that during the day, they are nothing more than interesting-looking monuments, but after the sun sets, if you spend some time at the glade, you'll start hearing sounds resembling the sounds of Jupiter. I was brainstorming on what benefits the stones would bring to Sims paying a pilgrimage or something to them; I only figured that Sims could fall in a state of trans or deep meditation, and that the sounds of the stones would help them answer questions that have been bothering them.

It's also interesting to take in the alien aspect of the stones - by the object's description, they are relics of what could be alien presence. Are they runway lights for the alien spaceship? Are they actually columns of a spaceship that's burried beneath them? Are they a cryosleep chamber of some four aliens sent on Earth?


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