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Default TS4 Multiplayer Testing
Hey folks! It's happening!

Discord here:

In case you aren't aware... TS4 Multiplayer's code is now available on github for anybody to download, modify, whatever!

Here's a demo video in case you were wondering what the heck's this about: Multiplayer Demonstration

I'm planning to target Soon for the first pre-alpha release, if everything goes well, that is.

Until then... if you really want to test it right now, head over to github, clone the repository, and place it in your mods folder! Github Repository

Detailed install instructions as follows. The current install process is very user-unfriendly at the moment. Major changes will be made the following weeks till first release, which will make the user installation process a lot easier. I also plan to add instructions for setting up your own server!

When you're ready to play online, and before you launch the game...

Look at the instructions on the discord!

Things you CANNOT do at the moment:
Build Walls, Foundations, Roofs, whatever.
Buy furniture on the client (you can on the server though)
Only two people can play the same game at the same time
Edit sims in-game through the mirror or wardrobe

Things you CAN do at the moment:
Chat with other players
See what other players are doing.
Select interactions
Travel to different lots
Change the speed of the game
Play on different networks, not just on WiFi

Bugs at the moment:
The game won't shut down with Exit Game, you have to force exit it using the task manager

If you want to join me in testing this mod, post here. Again, only one other person can join you in multiplayer at the moment, which will be increased soon.
Everybody can test it now, just join the discord for instructions!

Don't put the mod into your mods folder until it's time to test! Or else, the game will not load as there's no server to connect to.

When the test is done, I suggest moving the Heuristics folder out of your mods folder, as it will always attempt to connect to a server, so if no one's server is active, it'll just hang on loading a lot forever.

Discord here again:
More updates can be viewed at the TS4Multiplayer subreddit. View it here!
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This is really great! Definitely want to test this, although one question. Is this an installation instruction for the client only?
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I've posted this on the reddit thread, but I'll also post it here.

At the moment, the mod can support creating servers, but I intentionally didn't include instructions for them because the server will happily execute any code the client sends to it.

So if somebody modifies the client to send malicious code to execute on the server, the person who's hosting the server will get screwed, basically.

Which is why at the moment, there's only install instructions for the client. I wanted to test the multiplayer functionality without exposing the testers to a massive security risk.

So, as soon as I can safeguard against arbitrary code execution on the server, I'll add some install instructions for the server, too.
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OnlyAbidoang tested the mod with me!

Here's a video of the session.
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