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Split a download thread

Here is a tricky question.
Is it possible to split a download thread?
The 202 terrain files is now too big to be managed as it is and I would like to split it in two. Some files would stay in that 202 thread and some others would go in a new thread.

I know it can be done by deleting the files in the 202 thread and creating a new thread but I don't want to do that.

Thanks a lot

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Yes, it's possible but it requires an admin to do so, more specifically, me, because I'd have to move entries in the database manually. Can you tell me which you want to keep on the existing thread and which you want to move?

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Ah thank you very much :D

I would like to move from this thread :
- k-hippie-k-new-terrain-gtog-replacement-21122015-def.package.7z
- k-hippie-k-new-terrain-gfor-replacement-21122015-def.package.7z

Thank you very very very much ^_^

i made a sims world ... can you believe it ? Lost Cove
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@Tashiketh I’m resurrecting this thread and dancing a glory dance to your greatness.

I’m working on the new terrain files for Brindleton Bay.

If my offerings - a virtual coconut and a chocolate bar ( Mars specifically ) are enough to please and interest your highness on my humble request, I would be greatly impressed and thankful.

i made a sims world ... can you believe it ? Lost Cove
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