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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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#3726 Old Yesterday at 2:27 AM
The first of the Tinsel Town Uni students have started their studies. I've never seen such a bunch of unmotivated and less studious bunch of kids in my life! There's only one of the 10 of them that has declared a major and the rest are just sleep-walking through their classes. They don't want to study, they rarely want to do anything remotely to do with studying and they're all hot for one another.
Stephen Swanson has decided to try the Physics major-but then again,he always was a smart kid.
I'll be surprised if any of them graduate with more than a C average-and they're all going for their first-half semester finals for the freshman year.

Oh, and some of the girls want to get engaged. Especially Angie Swanson who's actively dreaming out loud about getting married and having babies. Angie wants to get engaged to Clay Powers; Christie Lloyd wants to get engaged to Jason Powers. Both of those young men are unaware of these machinations against their freedom. Until the girls make sure of their intentions..

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#3727 Old Yesterday at 4:27 PM
Europa is still being steadily built up.
The high school is built! It will mostly be used for photographs for the stories, but I digress, the classrooms look realistic in that there are papers on the desk and books and other lovely stuff. I have ten spare rooms that I'm not sure how to fill - I currently have an Art room, a Geography room, an English room, a Mathematics room, a Science lab, a Gym, a Staff Room, a Cafeteria, a room for the school band, and the Headmaster's office. Debating just making the remaining rooms look like generic classrooms. I would like a music room, actually. I just need to download instruments like keyboards.
Pictured below is the English classroom. I love this room.

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#3728 Old Yesterday at 8:29 PM
I've started my first BACC! It's so fun. I'm following these rules. I started with nine sims and now I have 39, and three generations. The major family names are Diaz, Fisher, Gardener, and Fool. I won't include every detail of every sim, because, well, there's 39 of them! But here's my favorite storylines.

The Diaz family has a looottt of drama. It started with mom Carlotta, dad Richard, and their daughter Jackie, and Carlotta's sister Nicole. Well, Carlotta had an affair with the town slut, Ethan Sanders, and then she had a baby boy, Charlie Diaz (he was Richard's but I wasn't sure whose he was until after his birth). Well, Nicole (who was single) was also in love with Ethan Sanders, but then Richard and Nicole found out about Carlotta and Ethan! All hell broke loose. Richard beat up Ethan all the time, and Charlie (was a child now) got into fights with Ethan's child Navy, too.

Carlotta and Richard tried to stay married for their two kids, but Richard and Nicole fell in love over their mutual hatred of Ethan Sanders, the cheating homewrecker. Jackie became an adult and was going to stay living with her parents, but then Richard (who was drunk) told Jackie about how her mom cheated with Ethan, and she hates the drama so she moved out. Nicole and Ethan made up (and made out...) and Nicole got pregnant, but we don't know who the father is, Ethan or Richard?? Carlotta had her suspiscions, but she didn't say anything. She was also pregnant, for sure by Richard. But then Carlotta starved to death! Richard was too distracted by fighting Ethan to make food for her. Then the Grim Reaper came and Charlie and Nicole cried together over her.

Then Richard and Nicole got married and Nicole had her baby--a girl, and Ethan was the father! Richard knew, but he rose above pettiness and was a good father to the little girl. Charlie became a teenager, and Nicole started hating him. She apparently doesn't like teenage boys. She would argue with him, and scream at him, and insult him, and lecture him for every little thing. Navy (Ethan's child who Charlie used to beat up) called Charlie and they talked for hours, about death, shitty parents, and love and life. They became best friends. Then Nicole had Richard's baby, and Richard stopped paying attention to Charlie. Charlie was depressed.

Then Nicole and Richard grew up, and their two youngest were children, and Charlie became an adult and moved out. Charlie Diaz now lives with his fiance, May Gardener (one of Ethan's children), and is best friends with Navy (Ethan's child). Richard Diaz is elderly and he's the head architect of the town. Under his reign as city Planner, we have built 10 community lots.

The Fishers are one of my favorite families. They began as a sweet lesbian couple, Veronica and Cameron Fisher, and their adorable daughter named Claire. They made their money by--you guessed it!-- fishing. They had a lovely pond in their yard and would often host lively cookouts. Veronica was the high school teacher while Claire was in school, but now she's the head of the education department. Cameron stays home and fishes. She makes a lot of money that way.

Claire Fisher was always very shy. She never had a lot of friends growing up. Popularity queen, Jackie Diaz, was her best friend in school. The pair would be joined at the hip all the time. The girls even dated for a little while, but they soon realized they were better as friends. When Claire became an adult, she stayed at home to care for her mothers in their old age. But then she met Navy Sanders (Ethan's child) at the Corner Market hangout area and they clicked so well. They went on several dates and then got married. Now she lives in a very nice house with Navy, who is a natural biologist, and has twin girls.

Ethan Sanders passed away from a fire and no one carried on his last name, but he was such an influential guy and one of the first members of the town, so I must tell his story anyways. He was a flamboyant bisexual man (saaame) and he kissed lots of women and men. He met Navy's mother, Jade Tse, at the welcome wagon. She was beautiful and he was hot for her, so they woohooed that day, and then came Navy. They tried the marriage thing, but they were both romance sims, so it didn't work out. Jade found Ethan in the arms of Carlotta when Navy was a newborn and took off. She never came back to see her child. So Ethan raised Navy on his own. He had a long string of girlfriends and boyfriends, but Navy really wanted a mom. So when Navy was a teen, they interrogated Ethan for their mom's name and found her in the phone book. Navy and Jade talked every day after that.

Ethan's many triumphs in to "woohoo realm" landed him with several children, each with different mothers. Navy came from Jade Tse. May came from Max Gardener (a quiet, bookish loner), and Heather came from Nicole Diaz. The children didn't know of each other growing up, but Navy and May met while they were in high school together. The science class did a DNA project and they discovered they were siblings! May was elated; she had always wanted a sibling. Navy liked May, too, and they became best friends and hung out together all the time.

Ethan's Elder birthday was a hoot! Almost everyone in town came. That night, after the party, Navy grew up into an adult, and they didn't even get a cake. Ethan didn't even say happy birthday; he was off screwing some guy. So Navy stormed out and moved into his own place.

Later that week, Navy met Claire. They fell in love, got married, got a nice house, and had two children.

Eventually, Jade became pregnant, and even though they both knew it was a bad idea, Ethan asked Jade if they could move in together. Well, one day, Navy and Claire were set to visit Ethan for the first time since the wedding. Ethan was making dinner and set the house on fire. Jade died in that fire and Ethan was almost dead when Navy and Claire got there. Luckily, Claire knew how to put out a fire, so she managed to put out his fire. But he died minutes later from need desperation. Navy was devastated. Even though Ethan and Jade weren't the best parents, they were their mom and dad, and now they were dead. Claire stayed out of Navy's way and cleaned the house while they cried. The house now belonged to them. Navy didn't want it, so they sold it and used the money to build onto their real house where their kids were. Now Navy is level 3 in the Natural Science career, Claire is a stay-at-home mom, and their two children (Autumn and Jade) are toddlers.

Jackie Diaz married the former mailman, Clarence Woolosenko (who also happened to be Ethan's ex boyfriend), and they have two sons. They live in a nice home, perfect for parties since Jackie loves to host gatherings. Clarence is a Romance/Wealth sim, so he likes to make expensive, grand romantic gestures for Jackie. Well, one of these such gestures was an elaborate five course meal. But Clarence sucks at cooking, and his oldest son Junior was crying, and so Clarence stepped away for five seconds to give the toddler attention and then the house caught on fire! But no one knew how to use the fire extinguisher, and they were both busy keeping the babies away from the fire that Jackie caught on fire and Clarence couldn't make it to the Grim Reaper in time to save her. Clarence waited outside with his two young sons until the fire was gone, having devoured the entire kitchen, and then promptly moved out, babies in tow. Clarence is now an elder and both of his sons (Junior and Richard) are children. Will he be able to raise responsible young men, or will his grief and age keep him from being a good father?

The Fool family! Oh those poor Fools. Originally, they were Grandma Fool, Grandpa Fool, Dad Fool and his husband, and their four daughters, the eldest daughter being a teen named April (that's right--April Fool). But the grandparents and dads died in a tragic car accident--all four of them!--leaving poor April Fool to care for her three younger sisters all alone. (Oh I forgot to mention it but the Fools are ridiculously wealthy due to Grandma Fool being a successful scientist) April hired a butler and a nanny to care for the younger sisters, but they sucked at their jobs apparently, because when April came home from high school one day, the Social Worker was there, taking the three little ones off to the orphanage! So now poor April lives all alone in her mansion.

And that's pretty much it!
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