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Field Researcher
#3476 Old Yesterday at 9:51 PM
Originally Posted by altanna
Stunned in my game, to be honest. Nanny put toddler in the high chair and actually fed him! This is a red letter day! Then, later, daddy taking toddler to high chair and his carpool showed up. Dad stopped, spun to change clothes, then took off to carpool and drove off -- with the toddler in his arms! Toddler is not on the lot. I am confused and amazed by this.

It was "Bring you kid to work"-day!

I wrote this cause I had nothing to do.
#3477 Old Yesterday at 10:39 PM
So there was another giant birthday party in my game.
The teen who grew into an adult was pretty upset he never went to college - now his family was too poor
Anyway, I have a teen keeps lovers when grow adult mod
I didn’t think much over my teens girlfriend was on the lot before I was about to bring Luciana (a toolset) to the cake, and right as she was about to have her birthday scenery the woohoo for the first time with a new sim scenery begun and it showed up that ACR had made my new Adult woohoo with his minor girlfriend •-•’
And right as that was done the birthday scenery started •-•
It’s the first woohoo where I have seen other sims stand and celebrate the woohoo xD it was crazy birthday party!

I build small houses *^*
#3478 Old Today at 6:41 AM
At the SimCity Police Station, Blake Jitamakusol tried repeatedly to get mug shots of Hermia Capp in which she didn't look so irritatingly like a tragic victim of circumstances. Having pretty much failed, he took her back to the holding cell and returned to the front desk.

"Has bail been set for her yet?" Benedick Monty was demanding of Lola Curious. He was flanked by his sister Beatrice and Lucy Burb; Beatrice looked disgusted, while Lucy looked excited. Benedick's own expression was cold and distant.

"We're paying it," Lucy butted in. "Well, Tony is. He said to fill in the amount on this check -- he's too busy, he sent us."

Upstairs in the break room, Chester Gieke stared at his plate of bass with squash. He'd taken two bites as yet, and could barely see the food through his fogged-over glasses. Soon enough, somebody was going to come looking for him with work to do, and he wasn't having much luck in getting his lunch eaten...although he wasn't very hungry, he realized. Eating was at least an excuse to get away from people he couldn't cry in front of.

"You are not going to believe this." Max Flexor didn't look like he had a job for Chester, and took a helping of fish with gusto before sitting down and continuing. "You offed Consort Capp, right? And his body just disappeared, and then he came back? Well, guess whose body's gone missing now?"

"Turned to dust and we lost the dust," Chester replied, poking at his food. "And he's a vampire anyway. All I did was stop him for the night, really." He didn't want to even guess an answer to the last question; it brought back images from the Capp graveyard, images both distressing and not conducive to digestion. Rather like the Broke trailer, that was a night that had left permanent marks on the minds of its survivors.

Max looked disappointed. "Well, anyway," he said, "Captain Prince never made it to the morgue. Not the first time they've lost a body, but this is taking it to another level. Sentiment aside, he's evidence, and how do you think that kind of evidence goes missing in transit? I'd bet he never even left Veronaville... Hey, aren't you going to finish this?"

Chester was already out the door, running for the nearest phone. The last body to go missing had been that of Nina Caliente, and given the bizarre rumours he'd heard from very reliable sources about the goings-on of Malcolm Landgraab... After that much head trauma? Yeah, right. He's dead...but...whatever, we are not losing that evidence! He picked up the phone, started to dial, and realized the line was dead. As was every other phone in the place. Trying not to panic but convinced that this was more Capp meddling and a prelude to an attack, Chester fled downstairs.

"I'm through with this!" Kristen Loste was yelling at Lola. "Don't you dare say this is a bad time to use the vacation days I'm owed. I have had it with everything I'm expected to deal with; I'm going to the airport!" Her expression softening only slightly, she added, "I'll only be gone a few days. I'll be back for the funeral. Now you explain to him why he needs to stop talking before he starts implicating himself in several crimes that we've already agreed not to notice. I'm getting really tired of having to second-guess my moral position." Him was a reference to Malcolm Landgraab himself, who had just told her what Nina had done to him after she had left the mansion.

((I'm trying something new with vacations where the whole household doesn't go, to avoid temporal disruption; the vacationers will have their want to go on vacation locked, then move to an extremely cheap hostel room from which they can go to transportation comm lots and then eventually on vacation in the normal manner. Upon return, they can also have a "trip back" at the comm lots before moving back in with the rest of the household. The only issue I can see is that it may be a way to dodge bills...))

Lola was less concerned about the phones being down than Chester, but extremely upset when he told her about Paris' body going missing. When Malcolm implored them to catch Nina somehow before she harmed herself or someone else -- and return her to him -- Chester turned on him. If this was what the first missing body had become...the idea of Paris reanimated as some macabre pet made Chester much more forceful than he usually was, and Malcolm suddenly realized that clearing out was a good idea. Lola demanded to know whether Chester was pleased with himself, making such leaps of imagination so inappropriately. They were close to arguing when Isabella Monty showed up, having been called by her grandson; while Lucy, Beatrice and Hermia had left (Hermia bewildered at the unexpected rescue, but not willing to question it), Benedick had stayed behind and shown his disapproval of his father's actions by calling in his grandmother to countermand those actions. Trying to be heedful of Lola's criticism, Chester tried to question Isabella about Paris' missing body; she replied with some very unfunny joking about how Capps could make anything disappear, up to and including bombs, so how could he expect Hermia Capp to ever return to custody? She made several allusions to other things -- and people -- that might go missing, but he didn't understand that until later.

"My cover's toast," Alex Teatherton said as Lola cleaned the scrapes on her face in the early hours of the morning. "And so would I be if...look, I've seen weird things, and I know you all have too. All I know for sure is that after I tripped, something scared off my...well, not my crew any more, I guess. Just before I tripped, I saw it too, and I thought I was already dead. The lighting was bad, so it might not mean anything, but there were two guys that looked, um, dead, heading toward us. One of them very dead. The other one looked a whole lot like old Patrizio Monty, who's supposed to be dead and buried..."

"What about the very dead one?" Chester asked her. She grimaced in reply, and he didn't think it was because of the sting of the disinfectant.

"Hard to tell who he looked like," she replied after a pause. "His head was...eh...and I barely saw him anyway. What I did notice was that he was wearing one of your uniforms."

"What does 'eh' mean?" Lola asked.

"Like a good piece of it wasn't there," Alex replied. "Which I'm sure he saved me from."

To Lola, Chester's rambling earlier started making far too much sense. A dead man walking in a police uniform, a dead man with a piece of his head missing. She wasn't going to forget her last sight of Paris, so different from who had stood beside her only a minute before.

Downstairs, Max was engaged in a discussion with Loki Beaker that would have been of interest to Lola and Chester. According to Loki, two research subjects had gotten lost in SimCity while undergoing scans of some kind; they were involved in a study of ischemic brain damage, and he was concerned that they were unable to look after themselves or find their way back to Strangetown. As Max dutifully took down the report, he imagined how nice a time Kristen must be having at Three Lakes...

"Whatever saved you, I'm glad it did," Blake told Alex after Lola and Chester had retired to the bunkroom. "We don't need anything else happening...and I'd miss you."

"I'd miss me too," Alex said. "I'm going to try to get some sleep too..."

"I need to check if the phones are back up," Blake said. "Um, I've never kissed anyone before. When I thought about missing you, I realized I'd miss out on kissing you. May I kiss you goodnight?"

The dear boy was adorable, Alex thought as she let him kiss her on the lips. She hated to encourage such fawning adoration, but she had to admit that it was fun. As for Blake, he was thrilled to finally get his first kiss, and with someone so impressive.

Things I tweaked for my own game, in case anyone else can use them:
Maxis blue police uniform with black mourning band on badge. (Thank you Fanseelamb for the base DR!)
Invisible shrouded corpse! Only a recolour; requires the Death Shroud from the Price of Victory set by Hriveresse at PBK!
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