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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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Stupid people are stupid
#2101 Old 9th Sep 2018 at 10:51 AM
Erika (can be seen in the Female Sims topic in Pictures) has been on a date with Zander. They woohood 4 times, all on their own. I had nothing to do with it. Erika was barely home when Zander called for another date. She refused, as she was tired. He called again a couple of hours later...
Now he's stalking her. He walked past her house for the fourth time the morning after the date. I took a photo (for evidence ).

Zander is married, but it seems he has a different interest on the side...
Lab Assistant
#2102 Old 12th Sep 2018 at 12:43 AM
So I.. kinda did a dumb today.

It's Winterfest evening, my Sim has family round for the usual festivities and such. It's coming to the end of the night and I start sending the relatives home, meanwhile selecting my Sim's husband to fill his hunger need which was barely in the yellow anyway. I've only recently started to put to use the whole, "click a motive icon to start an action" and I did so for this particular Sim's hunger. At least I thought I did, that was my intention. But I accidentally clicked the very far left side of the motive bar which completely TANKED his hunger need because I have testingcheatsenabled on all the time or some other mod, and it killed him due to starvation instantly!

The whole family that was about to go home, gather around the corpse of my poor Sim's husband on the kitchen floor of Winterfest evening, sobbing their hearts out all because I did a dumb. But thankfully, my Sim came to the rescue and was able to plea with the reaper before it was too late, and all was normal again.

Some of his in-laws don't appear to be too happy about him coming back to life, though.
Test Subject
#2103 Old 13th Sep 2018 at 8:05 AM
Two of my Slobs are pregnant. One got pregnant the normal way in Sims, the other got abducted by aliens. I checked with MCCC and he’s going to have twins. I could have altered it but I was curious to see how the Slobs would manage with three babies, the other Sim is having a single girl, around the house. The house is now covered with plates and clothing. No-one ever cleans or washes dishes. Sometimes they moan about it but they never do any cleaning. Visitors arrive and moan and then leave. Despite this, one of them is continually being asked out by a female neighbor. The result of this is he actually had date with her and took a shower!!!! It didn’t last long as he had a fight with a barman and she left, and presumably went home. The cook in the household has reached level ten and is making fantastic things which he leaves around so they go off and emit green smoke. There is green smoke everywhere even on the picnic table outside. Eager to play them again and see how they deal with babies and then toddlers.
Lab Assistant
#2104 Old 14th Sep 2018 at 11:32 PM
I need somewhere to ramble on about my current family because I love them so much.

It started off with Alessandria and Darien Vaughn. They have 2 kids, Jack and Sally, and are expecting their third (despite Darien nearing death and Alessandria halfway through the adult stage).
Jack marries Leo Ludwig and moves to San Myshuno. I've been pursuing that relationship since they were teens. If I buy Cats & Dogs I'll make them have a few pets.
Initially, I wanted Sally to be straight. Turns out she's bi and her soulmate/baby mama is Cassandra Goth, who is also halfway through the Adult stage. So they're girlfriends and have twin daughters - Sophia and Madilyn. I might make them adopt Sally's new sibling when Alessandria turns into an elder.
Lab Assistant
#2105 Old 15th Sep 2018 at 5:55 PM
Does anyone else have separation issues with their Sims sometimes? I apparently do.

So my fourth generation has finally grown up and moved away from home, all the way back to Oasis Springs (the blizzards bothered me too much in Newcrest). I always try my hardest to pick one Sim out of the next generation to focus on and become the next heir, but I apparently seem to have separation issues. Twice now, I've been unable to separate sets of twins!

Above is Azure and Karina from my fourth generation. Karina on the right, is the Sim I plan to make the next actual heir and focus on eventually. But I loved these two too much and as they grew up, they became BFFs and have always been extremely close, and I didn't have it in me to separate them just yet. So they moved in together!

Karina's part-time-live-in-boyfriend is pictured above with her, I've decided to only make him a part-time live in though for now because I want to focus on the twins for a while.

And this is Azure's part-time-live-in-girlfriend. Again, I plan on focusing on Karina to continue the next generation, but I love this couple too much to not have her around and keep Azure company. I reckon I'll focus on their careers and skills for a while before moving Azure next door with her girlfriend, and have them adopt. I never thought I'd struggle with separating Sims so much
Forum Resident
#2106 Old 17th Sep 2018 at 6:31 AM
I think the last time I posted in this thread, my ninth gen heir had just been born. Well, I've played a little bit, and now that baby is a young adult with twins. That's gen 10, and...hurrah! Since buying the game in June, I've played it enough to see a family through ten generations. I'll do a retrospective post tomorrow when it's not so late, but for this one let's play catchup. When the weekend started, I had a house full. Using the photo ("couchcameron") below as a guide:

Boy by himself: Cameron, generation nine heir.

On the couch:
Vin, generation nine heir. Athlete turned astronaut turned chef.
Maria, Lisa's daughter and House Mom. She's not the literal mother of everyone in the house, but she's the effective matriarch.
Isabella, Maria's sister and best friend

Near the door:
Sarah, generation eight torchholder. Secret Agent.
Leigh-Anne, one of Lisa's grandchildren and Vin's wife. (The family tree is...messy.)
Lisa, Resident Ghost / Wrench Wench / Breadwinner

Not Pictured:
Alex, Vin's sister. A writer, she's holed up somewhere.

After Isabella finally achieved her Bodybuilder asp, I kicked her and Alex out. Maria lasted an AMAZINGLY long time: she didn't pass, in fact, until little Cameron had just achieved his YA birthday. He wanted to be super-popular, and because I also wanted a gen 10 heir ASAP I had him ignore a career altogether so he could focus on badgering every stranger with compliments and get himself a baby. And......that he did. In fact, shortly before getting his 10th charisma point and earning the asp completion, he had twins -- Jamie and Casey.

Other pictures: "grownupcameron" shows my gen-9 heir Cameron dining with his parents, Vin and Leigh-Anne. "casey" shows one of the twins, and presumably the gen-10 heir if I continue playing this save.
#2107 Old 17th Sep 2018 at 10:28 AM
You think you're having a bad day? You haven't had a bad day until you step barefoot into dog poop in your home. Sterling cant understand. The dog is trained. Is it because he's now an elder?


Sterling and Claire were finally able to take their first vacation together. They spent time in a cabin in Granite Falls. There were thunderstorms the first two days so they had to find indoor activities to do. They had missed out on a honeymoon because they were too busy raising children.

Sterling is insane. She thought that this vacation would give his mind some peace and clarity ... but he ended up much worse. She figured that his work and his busy family life is what gives him the stability he needs.

Sterling's step son Gage is dating Amelia, sister to my Henry (This is the alternate reality, he had no sister in the other reality).

He's growing up so fast. Too fast. Sterling warned him to take precautions so that he didn't end up like he did... an unplanned pregnancy to deal with.

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
Test Subject
#2108 Old 18th Sep 2018 at 10:27 AM Last edited by ShadowMT13 : 18th Sep 2018 at 11:57 PM.
Let's just say a lot of woohooing for some reason (o.O)" I guess my Sims are feeling kinky right now XD
#2109 Old 20th Sep 2018 at 9:18 PM
I am now playing Hugh's family to age up Amelia. She's going through the Distant phase right now, so she's really annoying. Henry came over to visit and everyone, including myself, were so happy to see him.

In the meantime, William, the youngest, aged to teen and he's about as skinny a teen as I've ever seen. His info shows that he's -22 muscle! LOL.

I made him a genius and a bookworm. For his last trait, I might make him insane, and then have him be a scientist. I think I'll have him marry one of Sterlings twins...

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
Forum Resident
#2110 Old 23rd Sep 2018 at 1:28 PM
I wanted to do something CAS-related and I was watching a Trisha Paytas mukbang on Youtube to keep my appetite in check (yes, people do that... a lot!), soooo..... I've created her and her new puppy Mukbang Gucci Paytas.

Her traits are jealous, glutton and materialistic. Seeing as I also like to watch her crying-at-the-kitchen-floor-videos (I have the feeling this post reveals a little too much about me lol) , I thought about making her unstable (is that the new name for the insane trait?) instead of materialistic but honestly... I know she's only faking and trolling her mental breakdowns to get views and money so it fits much better.
Her sim version is just as good at angles as her rl persona.

I would love to put her next to my legacy family and have her run around town but I'm kind of thinking about making her a spouse to my heir and my current generation has to have an heiress (my inheritance law prohibits adopting), so I have to wait a whole generation...sigh.
#2111 Old Yesterday at 4:03 AM Last edited by spidergirl79 : Yesterday at 8:45 AM.
This idiot set herself on fire for the third time this week. I think it happened three days in a row.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday. She set herself on fire doing laundry twice, and then cooking. Fortunately Sterling saved her life. I swear he's gonna be widowered (Is that a word?) soon...I've actually banned her from doing laundry.

Sterling and Claire's twins, Emma and Audrey aged up to teen. They have his eyes and mouth. And ears. (Luumia's custom ears. They are an inheritable feature, which I think is cool. EA ears don't really seem to be. I've had parent sims with ears that stick out and never do the kids inherit them)

And they're identical. I have a lot of twins in my game but most of them ARENT identical.

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
dodgy builder
#2112 Old Yesterday at 10:07 PM
I was just testing my new house and Ina was suddenly on fire by the dryer, now she's dead.

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