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Default Sims 4 Naked and Afraid Mini Challenge
Inspired by Discovery Channel's hit series "Naked and Afraid" and "Naked and Afraid XL". The gist of the challenge is to survive 21 days (for 2 sims) or 40 days (for at least 6 sims) in the jungle.

Sims 4 Jungle Adventures. (While his challenge can technically be done on the camping grounds, the jungle offers a lot more fun complications)
1 male sim
1 female sim

Note on the sims Traits: The show tends to pick sims with opposing mentalities and traits. It adds to the drama. I recommend randomizing the traits either through a trait randomize, dice or For MORE fun, Randomize the sims entirely, looks and all, to ensure you get two totally different sims!

Welcome to the Jungle
You will need to rent a home to get to the jungle. I recommend renting the cheapest lot since the sims will not be staying there at all. Set vacation time for longest available days. You will need to expand your action several times to make it to the 21 days (or 40 days if you're doing the XL challenge)

The Wardrobe
Clearly, they're naked on the show. While there are mods that can achieve this in game, it is not required. But, to add to the vulnerability, sims should be dressed as scantily as possible.

The Rules:
1) each sim may only bring 1 survival item (Survival items listed below). Nothing else can be in the inventory. No food. No seeds. No books. Nothing. (I know those headphones are hard to get rid of. So if you have those, just pretend they're not there.)
2) After arrival, use testingcheatsenabled true, then Money 0 to set your funds to ZERO
3) all food must either be harvested or cooked over the fire. No purchasing food (or anything else for that matter)
4) Other than the money cheat, no cheats or mods are allowed that would make the challenges easier, though there are some awesome mods on MTS that make completing temple challenges tougher. Those are totally allowed.

Tapping Out
Tapping out occurs when the going gets tough. A sim is Tapped out ANY time they leave the jungle. Reasons include but are not limited to:
1) wandering out of the jungle (Keep an eye on your players people!)
2) getting poisoned and needing medical attention
3) getting sick and needing medical attention
4) being unable to procure food, water or shelter
5) dying
6) being unable to extend the vacation

Survuval Items (Each sim may only choose ONE)
1) Machete
2) Fire pit (this is the fire starter)
3) insect repellent (5 cans)
4) Bat Bait (5)
5) pollen flower (5)
6) Fishing pole -- *All sims come with a pole by default. If you choose this as your item, ONLY that sim may fish and should therefore have NOTHING in the inventory

*** If a sim leaves the jungle for any reason, they have tapped out. They can choose to start over on their challenge, but cannot Rejoin the current challenge.

*** In order to continue extending the vacation, you must complete at least one temple challenge. Any survival items found/excavated during the challenge may be kept. To make money to extend the vacation, sell your treasure

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wow this is HARD! my 2 sims died on their second day! drowned trying to leave the temple. trying again
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